Mihwar Group

it is a professional dance company which is not concerned with or ruled by religion , sex , language , tradition or  politics . But rather it is  a permanently search  for and debate  in breaking the rules and standards in a free  modern way .


 was founded in Damascus, Syria in  23 /7/2007 and moved to Ukraine in 2015

Why it was founded  ?

We had  chosen to the creative space that will accommodate  our artistic production a name without an initial characterization, because the purpose of it  "is the collection  , establishment and organization of  the youths in the  Arabic contemprorary theatrical life those who are  able to change the dominant  current map  of form through methodology and umethodology so for the  contemporary Arab thought to reach the requirements of the global culture.  

Why Mihwar?

Because the column in which the humanities turn around is life and we have chosen Mihwar (Axis ) as the name of the company Because life is Mihwar's basic theme  .

What are the performing arts ?

They are  the arts which are related to performances (  acting - Dancing - Singing - Music ) And the purpose of them is trying to open a dialogue between these performing arts so for  the Arab theater to  reach the maximum tender cases .

Mihwar   for Performing Arts is the space in which we seek to create innovative case ,   starting with our understanding of  Modern theater , and the need to contribute to the different forms of theater to support human being.

Our vision

Cultural integration, equality and to create a fertile region convergence between the Arab culture and other  cultures mimic the common awareness and discuss humanitarian concerns in a pure common moment to reach the result that  "we are human so we artists"

Our goal

-From the premise that contemporary dance is a language in itself, making the body more free to become more reflective so to turn  the dance performance and the dancer him/her  self a living organism which is linked to the atmosphere of pluralism of the surrounding environment .

-Exchange of experiences and acquire the necessary technology development.

We  Mihwar group believe that art, culture and dance can  resolve all complain about him politically and religiously economically socially we hope for  a Society of much art and culture.

Mihwar group  achievements


- The last time film 2008

- Cham  .. Na  film 2009

- Watch film in 2010

- Salvation  drops film in 2011

Dance performances:

- operetta "Land and Sea "2008 Qatar National Theatre

-  "Damascus night "dance performance2009  on the Opera House's main stage  ,Damascus

- "You are my life" dance performance 2010 at multiple uses of Dar Al Assad hall  ,Damascus

-  "improvisations on the identity of the shrine" in 2011 on Qabani stage ,Syria

- "Chocolate "2012 on red theater , Damascus Syria

- a world of lights in 2013 ,Ukraine

- The establishment of Contemporary Dance Studio 2014 includes at present 200 artists of different ages between trainees and professionals

- "An eye never seen" Baghdad national stage

Mihwar Dance Studio TECTUM soon